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Account Setup & Management Guide

Welcome to the Help Center! We’ve worked hard to make the Major Decision app as simple and straightforward as possible, with instructions, explanations and hints throughout. 

Here are some things to keep in mind as you set up and manage your Major Decision account:

  • The only form of payment we accept is credit cards. 
  • We’ve taken measures to ensure that your financial information is secure, using a third-party service called Stripe, which is used by hundreds of online businesses and millions of consumers worldwide. Major Decision does not hold your financial information, the secure Stripe platform does that.
  • For matching purposes, you can enter a good deal of personal information in your online Profile. All of this information is optional. (Financial information is required to set up and charge your account for conversations.) Please be sure you’re comfortable sharing any of this information, as many high school student users are minors. Setting up your account and accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy indicate that a responsible adult is aware of and accepts these terms.
  • Please help us evolve and improve the Major Decision platform and experience by rating your sessions with our Student Advisors. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and is incredibly valuable to us and the Student Advisors. Shortly after your session is complete, you’ll receive an email with an invitation to rate various aspects of the conversation. Simply click the link in the email and complete the short survey. Thanks!
  • We believe that the value of the Major Decision platform and experience increases exponentially with the depth and breadth of our community. Our Referral Rewards program is designed to give everyone a financial incentive to help build the community of high school students and families and Student Advisors. Please take advantage of the program. You can learn more about it here and in the FAQs.
  • The FAQs are a great source of information for you as a customer on the Major Decision platform.

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improving the Major Decision experience, please feel free to email us at