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Share your insights, build your resume, and get paid well for doing it – earn $15 for each 30 minute video call! Join students from hundreds of US colleges who have already become Major Decision Student Advisors

How Does Major Decision Work?

  • As a college student, you apply using the simple form below. We confirm your enrollment with your college and you receive an answer in minutes.

  • Then you set up your Profile, including information for high school students to search on, and banking information that allows us to pay you through direct deposit.

  • High school students and families search the Major Decision database of college students (Student Advisors) at colleges they're considering.

  • When they find a match, they schedule an online conversation in text or video format. No personal information - email addressed or phone numbers are ever exchanged, for safety and security.

  • At the agreed-upon time, you join the secure online session, conducted entirely within the Major Decision platform.

  • The high school student can rate the quality of the conversation (1-5 stars) and you're paid directly to your bank account a few days after the appointment.

  • A Major Decision Advisor can expect to book 10-25 appointments each year. Make money, build your resume and broaden your network all in your free time! We will be adding additional income opportunities in the future as well. Join, stay active and have some great conversations.


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What's In It For You?

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You're in a unique position to provide helpful insights to high school students about your college experiences. As a Major Decision Student Advisor, you get paid well for doing just that.

Just complete the form to get started. Enrollment at your college will be verified automatically.

Please Note the Following Before Completing the Application Form:

  • You must be enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program
  • At least half time (preferably full-time)
  • If you are an entering freshman, recently transferred between colleges, or are returning from a semester off, please wait until 4 weeks into the term/semester for your registration to be verifiable
  • Be sure to use the exact first and last name you used to register for classes (not a nickname, shortened version of your name, etc.)
  • Once you've been accepted and set up your Profile, make sure your Profile is viewable and complete by returning to the Major Decision home page and clicking the "Search for a Student Advisor" button. If you search for yourself and you're visible, you're good to go!
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Please use your legal first name on your application.
Please use your legal last name on your application.
We need your date of birth in order to verify your enrollment with your college, as well as to ensure that you're over 18 years of age and able to enter into a contract with us as a Student Advisor.
Give us an estimate of the number of unique people in your social media and in-person networks. No need for an exact count, just an estimate.
If you were referred to Major Decision by a friend or acquaintance, enter their referral number here, as they’re eligible for a bonus for helping us expand our network. If you’re accepted as a Student Advisor, you’ll receive a Referral Number and be eligible for bonuses as well.
Please tell us how you heard about Major Decision. If there were several places, please select the one that most influenced your decision to check us out. Thanks!

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