High School Student Counselors

Be more effective as you counsel and support college-bound students and their families

Too Many Students, Not Enough Time

Being a high school student counselor has always been a tough job. With hundreds of students counting on you for help, you’re constantly balancing the needs of day-to-day academic counseling, psychological and behavioral issues and family interventions. That leaves precious little time for the comprehensive college admissions counseling you’d like to provide. 

Your time has become even more scarce with increasing rates of depression, anxiety, learning differences and social pressures among your students. As parents ourselves, that’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen to support Active Minds with a portion of our profits.

We believe that Major Decision can be a powerful tool in augmenting your own efforts during the college admissions advising process. 

Our commitment to safety, privacy, security, openness and honesty mirrors your own commitment to helping your students while protecting their personal information and confidentiality. For more information about our principles, please see About Us, and for more detail on how we choose Student Advisors, see the FAQs.

We welcome feedback about your students’ and families’ experiences with the platform and any suggestions you may have for improvement. And, in addition to our efforts with Active Minds, other philanthropic causes you think we ought to support.

Please use our Contact Us page and we’ll monitor your input and provide feedback. Thanks!