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A Word About Safety and Security

As a parent, nothing is more important than the well-being of your children. You take your responsibilities seriously, and we do the same at Major Decision.

Our commitment to safety, privacy, security, openness and honesty mirrors your own.
Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure a positive experience for you and your children:

  • We check a national student database to ensure that our Student Advisors are currently-enrolled students at their respective colleges
  • We require that all Major Decision Student Advisors post pictures to their accounts so you and your child can recognize them, especially for conversations that involve face-to-face interaction
  • We require that you sit in on all conversations with your children, and ask that you report any questionable behavior to us immediately for action
  • All digital conversations take place within the Major Decision platform. Participants can’t see each other’s actual contact information, such as mobile numbers, email addresses or physical addresses
  • Your child's picture is not shared with a Student Advisor until a conversation appointment has been booked
  • We require that all in-person conversations take place in public spaces, never in a dorm room or other private space
  • We adhere to safeguards to ensure that your data and your children’s data is protected with encryption and according to other industry best practices
  • For more information about our principles, please see About Us, and for more detail on how we choose Student Advisors, please see the FAQs and Terms of Service.